Project Pizza. Project Pie.

Project Pie.🍕 It's heaven for pizza lovers! A place, where you could use your creativity and yet could make your tummy happy. Located at 515 Shaw Mandaluyong, Project Pie was franchised from US. It was conceptualized by James Markham. Clap for me. I did some research. LOL. Anyway, click here for the website. You could … Continue reading Project Pizza. Project Pie.


Where to Eat in Naga: Chef Doy’s

Since food is a basic need, I would like to share about my unforgettable dining experience at a restaurant in Naga City. Upon arriving, we checked in at Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) and had lunch at their clubhouse. For dinner, we roamed around the city. We went to SM Naga and looked for a … Continue reading Where to Eat in Naga: Chef Doy’s