Cebu Taoist Temple

Since I was a kid, I've been to Cebu countless time but still I haven't had a chance to visit the well-known Taoist Temple. Not until, last 2011, when my half-Chinese cousin, together with his girlfriend, accompanied me there. Located in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Lahug, Cebu City, the Taoist Temple is always on the list in … Continue reading Cebu Taoist Temple


The Mystery and Miracles in Simala

Religious or not, believers or non-believers, people never fail to visit the Monastery of Holy Eucharist also known as "Birhen sa Simala". It is not just famous for its miracles but also the architectural structure, designed like those of the European cathedrals, makes this place really worth a visit. It's located at the southern part of … Continue reading The Mystery and Miracles in Simala