Thank you, Nurse

It’s been 9 months since my last blog. Oh well, I’ve been too busy! But I was kinda inspired to blog again. Promising myself to blog more even though I’m not really into writing. You know, I’m not good at words but hey blogging makes me happy and venting out my feelings here is kinda relaxing. 

So, what made me busy? Duties, duties, hospital duties. Being a nurse is really a tiring job. Not just tiring but risky. I’m assigned at Intensive Care Unit. Imagine all the harmful bacterias and microorganisms there. So you know what I mean for having a risky job.

8 to 16 hours of tiring duty. Even 24 hours sometimes but not well compensated and now it’s exactly 5 years, 9 months and 11 days that I’m doing it. How was I able to handle it? Oh, Thank God. Nursing is not my dream job and I even have plans of retiring as a nurse when the right time comes. But thank God I was able to handle every single day of my duty. Plus a simple thank you of the patients could somehow enlighten my mood. So our dear patients, please be kind and thankful to your nurse. 😁😜

I just want to share my recent tear-jerking experience with a patient. She was a 67 year old female, intubated. She is connected to a mechanical ventilator to help her breathe. But despite of her being not able to speak because of her tube, she managed to write a message for me. 


Keep this as my own way of saying ‘Thanks A Lot’!


Aww. So sweet of her, isn’t she? Seriously, I nearly cried. I was really touched.


Don’t throw this letter. I care for people who know how to care.


It makes me happy that with all the efforts to help her heal and give her comfort, at least she was thankful for everything that I have done for her. Praying that wherever she is now, I hope that she’s okay. 


Nurse A 😘


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