Take Vacations! You can always make money but you can’t always make memories

I’m in love with traveling but I’m not rich. I’m just an ordinary employee in a private hospital. My salary is always as good for 15 days. Many of you might wonder how was I able to travel with my salary. The answer is, it’s because of my love for travel, for visiting new places, for new adventures and for exploring God’s beautiful creations. 

Whenever there is a planned getaway coming up. Some of my workmates would say, “You’re single with no kids. Why is it like you’re the head of a family with 10 kids?” Haha. I would just say, “I need to save money because I’m going somewhere far. Far from this hospital.” LOL.

That has always been my motto. Maybe the reason why I’m always broke. LOL. Hmm but at least I am enjoying my life. Cheers for more travels!! 😊

P.S. The photo above is not mine 😉


Elhizamour travels 😘


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