Pangasinan Day 2: Hundred Islands and Manaoag Church

5am when we woke up to prepare. Time to say, “Goodbye, Bolinao! Hello, Alaminos!” The same driver, that toured us, fetch us to drive us to Bolinao town, where we rode a van going to Alaminos.

So where exactly in Alaminos are we going? Of course, we’re heading to the 123 islands situated in the crystal blue water of Lingayen gulf, the famous, Hundred Islands!

Map of Hundred Islands (Photo credit:

Map of Hundred Islands (Photo credit:

We first had breakfast upon reaching Alaminos. My friends were craving for fried chicken so we ate at everyone’s favorite fast food, Jollibee. Haha. After eating, someone approached us offering Hundred Islands tour. Hmm so they already sensed that we were heading there? Maybe because of our big bags and the blonde-haired Orange that looks foreign to the town. Haha. I was doubtful for the offer. I think its safer if we would go directly by our own at the Lucap Wharf but we still tried our luck and indeed we were lucky enough!

Lucap Wharf

Lucap Wharf

The Lucap Wharf serves as the drop off point to any islands.

By the way, here’s the motorboat rental rates, as of May 2014:

Small Boat (Good for 5 persons)
– Php 800 Day Tour
– Php 1,400 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Medium Boat (Good for 10 persons)
– Php 1,000 Day Tour
– Php 1,800 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Large Boat (Good for 15 persons)
– Php 1,100 Day Tour
– Php 2,000 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Day tour only covers the three developed islands, namely: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island while the Day tour service boat will charter you to different islands and the boatmen will serve as the tour guide. Since we’re only three, we’re torn between 800 vs. 1400. Hmm, we don’t want to be limited to one developed island, so we chose Php 1400. Is it worth it despite of the limited time? (we’re planning to go to Manaoag by afternoon) Hmm yes!!!

Thank God, we have a friendly boatman. He really serves us our tour guide and photographer, too. LOL. Despite of the time constraint, we managed to visit lots of islands. Thanks to our boatman!

The first island we visited captured my heart. The Century island, where the Century Cave is.

Ohh the bats! Can you see them?

Ohh the bats! Can you see them?

There’s a stinky smell as we approached the cave, I assume that’s the smell of the bat manure, but I don’t care. The precious sight of the cave with the bats flying around is priceless.

According to our boatman, the cave is seldom visited. There were only few boatmen who brings guests to Century Island.

I wanna go inside!

I wanna go inside!

ams 601

Of all the islands, Century Cave is my favorite!!

So where to go next?

So where to go next?

So, I really enjoyed our first stop. I’m getting more excited where to go next.

Next stop, Governor’s Island.


It’s a developed island, so expect it’s kinda crowded. The famous Pinoy Big Brother House is also situated in this island and it’s open for accommodation. I think it’s Php 10,000 for a 12-hour stay, I’m not sure of the price, though.

whoa another cave! a small cave..

whoa another cave!

You can trek all the way up to the Governor’s viewing deck, where you can get to see the beauty of the islands.

The islands! such a pleasant sight!

Of course, group picture is a must!

ams 658

I just can’t thank God enough for creating Philippines with such beautiful islands!

Okay, enough with Governor’s Island, we still want to explore more!

I think that's Romulo Island. Correct me if I'm wrong!

I think that’s Romulo Island. Correct me if I’m wrong!

We passed by other islands but we chose not to stop, just like, Romulo Island, Lopez Island and Children’s Island. By the way, it’s called Children’s Islands because of its shallow water perfect for kids. While the other islands, don’t have a shore line, just like the cute, Turtle Island!

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

No need to explain. I think it’s quite obvious why is it called Turtle Island. haha.

Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island

This cathedral-shaped cave has its own hauntingly beauty like an ancient rock cathedral.

Quezon Island

Quezon Island

Quezon Island, another developed island, so another crowded one. If you’re planning for an overnight stay, they have cottages with room here. They also have picnic tables. It’s almost lunch when we got there, the picnic tables were full.

ams 680


We didn’t stay long in Quezon Island. We’re like, next island please.

Wow, the next island, is really a, “WOW”. It’s called Paniki Island or Bat Island.

bats! bats! bats!

bats! bats! bats!

See the bats? They’re just like fruits hanging on the trees.

Hmm maybe you can’t see them. Here’s a closer look.

ams 694

I think Batman lives there so where is Robin? HAHA.

ams 704

ams 700

The next island has a Resto Bar and Grille. From the drop off point, you have to walk in the tunnel-like cave to get to the Resto.

Don't go to the end of the light, my dear! LOL.

Don’t go to the end of the light, my dear! LOL.

Our last stop, Marcos Island, where the Imelda cave is. One of the things you can do there is to dive into the waters! If only I could swim!


So we just stayed in the shallow area. HAHA. I love the fine white sands in Marcos Island. The clear water lets me see the tiny fishes swimming with us!

Ehlaine and me dipping in the clear water!

Ehlaine and me dipping in the clear water!

After Marcos Island, it’s time to say Goodbye to these beautiful islands. We had a very limited time because we’re planning to go to Manaoag but we did enjoyed that 3-hour island exploration! I would definitely want to be back there and explore every island possible and of course, the caves! Feeling like a spelunker. LOL.

ams 631

Remember, we didn’t have any accommodations there, we brought all our bags with us and left it in the boat while we were exploring islands. So after island hopping, good thing, Lucap Wharf has a bath house. You just have to pay Php 10.

We had lunch somewhere near the terminal. We rode a van going to Dagupan, then another van going to Manaoag. By afternoon, we reached the famous and Miraculous, Our Lady of Manaoag.

Manaoag Church

Manaoag Church

If you read my previous post about Boliano, we started our trip with a prayer by dropping by at the Bolinao Church. Now, we are ending our trip by saying a prayer at Manaoag. No wonder, we had a wonderful, hassle-free trip. We encountered no problems at all. The people we met were just so nice and friendly.

ams 733

Floating Candles!

Floating Candles!

After Manaoag, we rode a bus going to Cubao. It’s a 5-hour ride. We arrived Cubao at around 10:30pm and we still have energy. We even managed to go to Ortigas to have a super late dinner at Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake. They have yummy Korean breads there.

We’ve done and visited lots for our two-day trip but I don’t feel that tired maybe because the feeling of happiness is so overwhelming! Haha. Traveling to places I’ve never been and exploring the nature – that is LIFE!

Wait, before I end this post, I noticed that some caves have names engraved to the stones. Oh please, don’t destroy the beauty of those caves! 😦 And don’t throw your trash everywhere. Be a responsible citizen! 😉

You can read my previous post about Bolinao – Pangasinan Day 1 and our Pangasinan Budget and Itinerary. You can also check out my friend’s blog, Orange.

‘Til my next adventure!


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    • elhizamour says:

      Our belongings were all safe. We left it with the bangkero. But if you’re not sure with the safety of your important belongings, you can bring your gadgets and wallet with you. Another thing, make sure to use waterproof bag.☺

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