Pangasinan Day 1: Bolinao :)

It was a rainy night of May when we left Pasay for Bolinao. Thank God the rain didn’t last long for we were looking forward for a sunny Pangasinan adventure! 12am when we left the bus station. The ride lasted for 6 hours. I really didn’t mind long bus rides. I am even loving it! I was taking a nap at times but what I love most is looking at the bus window, enjoying the different views that my eyes could wander.

Past 6am when we arrived the town of Bolinao. We first went directly to St. James the Great Parish Church. It was just walking distance from where the bus dropped us off.

ams 305

Made of black coral stones, the church was built in 1609. Don’t you love visiting old churches? For me, it was definitely a perfect way to start an adventure! Pray!

ams 308

The Church's Interior

The Church’s Interior

So after the long bus ride, we need to feed our empty tummies. We had breakfast at Adora’s Restaurant. It was located right beside the church.

ams 311

My breakfast! Tapsilog :)

My breakfast! Tapsilog πŸ™‚

Ehlaine and I had tapsilog for breakfast while Orange had Mami.

ams 313

I saw Adora’s Restaurant in lots of blog posts about Bolinao. But there’s nothing much to brag about this restaurant. Maybe it is the most visited since it’s open 24 hours.

Weeks before, we already made a reservation at SCL Garden Paradise Resort and they asked a tricycle driver, Kuya Jojo, to fetch us. Even if you don’t have reserved accommodations yet, no worries, there were lots of resorts in Bolinao and there were also lots of tricycle drivers who would offer to tour you around. But if you want a hassle-free stay, book early!

ams 366

Hello SCL Garden Paradise Resort!

ams 367

ams 328

ams 594

ams 581

The name Garden Paradise is just a perfect name for the resort. Quite obvious it really looks like a garden but I don’t know what SCL stands for. haha.

Mama Mary :)

Mama Mary πŸ™‚

We reserved a bamboo cabana room good for 3 persons but unfortunately the room would be available after lunch. Since we arrived early and we can’t wait for after lunch, they offered another room. Another room that was supposed to be more costly but they offer it with the same rate of Php 2,500 per night.

Our room!

Our room!

It’s not yet Valentine’s day but our room is all red! LOL. The room is just right for us. It is air-conditioned with one queen-sized bed. It has television, cabinet, dressing table with a mirror, bathroom with a bathtub and a coffee table outside the room. By the way, I would like to commend the staffs for being nice and approachable. Even the dogs were friendly, they even gave us welcoming barks but after that they were too silent and snob. Haha.

ams 330

Outside our room, overlooking the beach!

SCL's Beachfront

SCL’s Beachfront

Whooa, there’s a floating nipa hut on the water!

ams 774

Thanks to Ehlaine’s monopod! We could take a group picture. πŸ˜‰

ams 337

ams 343

While we were enjoying our stay at the floating nipa hut, a group of kids approached us, offering us Sineguelas! Oh, how I miss this yummy fruit!

Sineguelas or Spanish Plum in English - hmm yummy!!!

Sineguelas or Spanish Plum in English – hmm yummy!!!

Orange's first time to eat Sineguelas!

Orange’s first time to eat Sineguelas!

By the way, those kids were friendly and we enjoyed sharing stories with them! Just before lunch, we went back to the resort to feed our tummies again.

ams 327

SCL’s dining area. If you feel like singing, they also have a karaoke!

SCL's Menu

SCL’s Menu

ams 364

We had buttered chicken and sweet and sour fish fillet for lunch. The food is kinda expensive and not that remarkable so I suggest you should try to eat outside if you will stay at SCL. So now, after recharging ourselves, we are now ready to explore Bolinao!

First stop: Enchanted Cave

ams 371

The entrance fee is Php 100 but if you want to swim in the cave it will cost you Php 150.

ams 373

So it was said that Bolinao is under the water million years ago as evident by the coral rocks and fossil clams. Hmm. Wow. Another piece of information to feed our mind.

Inside the Enchanted Cave

Inside the Enchanted Cave

The water is kinda cold. We didn’t swim to save Php 50! HAHAHA

Another wonderful spot!

Another wonderful spot!

Second Stop: Rock View Beach Resort

Rock View Beach Resort

Rock View Beach Resort

ams 430

I just fall in love with the place! So far, this is my favorite in Bolinao. The rocks just rocked my world. LOL.

ams 766

Never mind the heat of the sun, just take pictures!

ams 431

It’s kinda hard walking on the rocks up to the edge, but being there is a one great feeling. The wonderful view and the wind kissing my face, that is life!

Orange and Ehlaine.

Orange and Ehlaine

Rock View Beach Resort is not all rocks. There’s a little area with white sands.

Third Stop: Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Going inside the lighthouse is not allowed but there’s a viewing deck where you can take a look of Bolinao from a high point.

Wonderful view of Bolinao facing the South China Sea!

Wonderful view of Bolinao facing the South China Sea!

Some kind of old abandoned stuff beside the Lighthouse

Some kind of old abandoned stuff beside the Lighthouse

Final Stop for the day: Patar Beach

As we arrived Patar Beach, souvenir stores welcomed us and I bought a shirt for myself! πŸ˜€

They offer free name printing on the shirt.

They offer free name printing on the shirt.

What’s good about Patar Beach is it’s long stretch of golden fine sands. It’s a public beach, so there’s no entrance fee.

ams 505

It was freaking too hot!! We need a shelter, so we rented a small open cottage at Kuya Benjie’s. If you are planning to stay overnight at Patar, there were lots of accommodations, most of them were nipa huts. πŸ™‚

ams 506

Picture! Picture! With the creamy white sands! While Ehlaine is taking a nap. Sshhh.. Haha.

ams 531

ams 532

Just before sunset, we decided to have early dinner at Kuya Benjie’s.

ams 502

We had Binagoongan and Inihaw na Pusit. We ate at the open cottage but we didn’t enjoy eating there because of the flies who loves joining us while we were eating. haha.

ams 541

Finally, my much awaited sunset!

ams 555

I love how the sun reflects on the sands and water as it sets. Truly, a joy to watch!

ams 565

Sunsets and sunrise are always the best part of the day. As the darkness invades the sky, we went back to SCL Garden Paradise Resort to rest and be ready for the next day’s adventure.

By the way, before I end this post, I would like to share to you guys about my beach ootd. I’m a no fashion blogger and I’m not a brand conscious person. As of my outfit in Bolinao, I just love how comfy it is. Swimsuit under with side cut shirt and shorts for cover up. Plus my favorite cap that protects my face from the sun. I love my not-so-girly look on the beach! πŸ™‚

If you want to know about our expenses and itinerary, please do check:

Pangasinan: Bolinao – Alaminos – Manaoag Budget and Itinerary

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ams 781


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  1. Ivee says:

    Hi. Your tour was awesome. May I ask from you got the itinerary and which travel and tours. I’m planning to go there with my son on May 1. Hoping for a reply. Thank you

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