Sinulog 2014!

Prrrt prt prt!!!

That beat.. That familiar beat sends thrill and excitement to every Cebuanos. It reminds them of the biggest festivity in town – Sinulog! It’s an annual event held every 3rd Sunday of January in honor of Sto. Niño.

I know it’s already March but no one could stop me from raving about Sinulog. I don’t care if this is a late post. The memories of how fun sinulog was, is still fresh on my mind, feels like it just happened yesterday. Maybe I still have that Sinulog hangover. LOL.

Im a born Cebuana but grew up in Manila and I haven’t experienced Sinulog not until this year. I remember someone telling me, “You’re a Cebuana but why haven’t you experienced Sinulog? You should try!” I responded, “Yes, I would next year!” And so I really did made it happen.

I arrived in Cebu, 6am of January 19, the day of Sinulog. I should have chosen earlier dates but plane tickets were already too pricey. Early morning of 19 is not a bad choice, anyway. So, if you are planning to go next year, book early!

We went to Sto. Nino Church to hear the 10am mass but we couldn’t get inside. The place was already too crowded. Good thing they put up a television screen outside.

People praising Senyor Sto. Niño outside the church

People praising Senyor Sto. Niño outside the church

My sinulog experience would not be complete if I don’t have a Sinulog shirt. Thank God, there’s an Island Souvenir store near the church so we went there after the mass.

Inside Island Souvenirs

Inside Island Souvenirs

In choosing your sinulog shirt, they don’t need to be pricey or with good quality because most likely that’s the only time you will be wearing that shirt. After sinulog, your shirt would look like a ‘basahan’, a rug with paints all over. Haha. So we bought a shirt worth Php 149. Island souvenirs offer cut-and-stlye your sinulog shirt for Php 100 and we availed it. If only I have lots of time to prepare, I would make my own sinulog shirt (hmm maybe next year haha.)

My Sinulog Outfit :P

My Sinulog Outfit 😛

After the mass, my cousins and I watched the most awaited event, the street parade or the street dance competition. It features the contingents from various provinces of the country. Each of them dances to the beat with their colorful costumes on, carrying the image of Senyor Sto. Nino. There were also floats carrying local celebrities.

With my cousins, niece and nephew

With my cousins, niece and nephew

Another group picture while watching the parade

Another group picture while watching the parade

ipad 402


ipad 391

Sir Chief and Maya on the float!

Sir Chief and Maya on the float!

We didn’t watched the whole parade, just a glimpse of it. After that, we headed to a place where the street party is, the baseline! As we get nearer, people were already partying crazily. Dancing, greeting each other “Pit Senyor” (even they don’t know you, they will greet you like friends you’ve known for years haha), some may put a paint on your face and shower you with water or beer. Can you imagine the fun? Oh well, good thing about it, people were just crazily having fun. I didn’t saw any trouble. But if you’re worried people might get too wild and do something unacceptable, nah, worry not, there were patrol cars everywhere.
Okay, I don’t need to say more on how much we enjoyed Sinulog. The pictures below speak for itself.

With my cousin and his friends

With my cousin and his friends

ipad 459

ipad 473

ipad 503


ipad 456



Prrrt prt prt!! Sinulog 2015, I’ll make sure not to miss it!


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