12 hours of fun: Sky Ranch and Starbucks!

So, finally, here’s the third and final installment of my 12 hours of fun in Tagaytay series of posts. Well, I forgot to mention that this all happened last December 2013. Oh it’s been two months! I’m posting late again (as always haha – I deserve a pinch for myself lol.) Anyway, back to the main story, after riding zipline at Picnic Grove, we went to a leisure park developed by SM, the Sky Ranch! Sky Ranch

Entance fee is Php 100 but there’s a 50% discount so we just paid Php 50. They don’t offer ride-all-you-can ticket so you have to pay individually for each ride.


Sky Ranch’s main attraction is the Sky Eye that claims to be the tallest ferris wheel in the country as of now, with it’s height of 63 meters (207 feet), beating the MOA Eye and Enchanted Kingdom’s Wheel of Fate.


It has 32 air-conditioned gondolas which could accommodate 4 persons.


That’s the only ride we tried, for Php 150 per person, I think one loop that lasts for around 10 minutes is not worth it. By the way, you could get a bird’s eye view of Taal Lake and Volcano but since we were there at night time, we just get to enjoy the city lights of Tagaytay.

Our group picture before we ride the Sky Eye

Our group picture before we ride the Sky Eye

Super Viking taken while riding the Sky Eye

Super Viking taken while riding the Sky Eye


Other rides were mostly for kids. There’s the mini viking, which I think really looks cute haha, carousel and a lot more. They also offer horseback riding.

Here’s a list of their rides with the corresponding fees:
Nessi Coaster – Php 50
Red Baron – Php 50
Wonder Flight – Php 50
Mini Viking – Php 50
Express Train – Php 50
Super Viking – Php 100
Sky Eye – Php 150
Carousel – Php 50
Horseback riding – Php 250/ 30mins

They also have gazebos located along the ridge. There’s a fee if you want to rent one. Of course, we didn’t rent, we just sat there for a while to take some rest but for us resting means picture taking! Lol. That explains the picture above. Haha.

Group picture outside the van

Group picture outside the van

After a tiring yet fun day, we decided to end our trip by chilling at Starbucks Tagaytay. This branch was the third one in Tagaytay. I think of all the starbucks that I visited, this one is the largest. It has two floors and it’s more spacious compared to others.


We chose to stay outside despite of the super cold temperature, anyway, we have our hot coffee.


Photo shoot inside SB haha

Photo shoot inside SB haha

Pau sitting comfortably on the couch

Pau sitting comfortably on the couch

Starbucks was not the end of our trip, though. Along the way, we passed by a colorful christmas attraction, so we decided to stop by and take a picture.


By the way, all pictures in my 12 hours of fun posts were from Richard’s cam. I just grabbed them all from him and from Kimmy’s. Haha.

That’s the end of our trip! We returned to Manila by 12 midnight. Adventure. Fun. Friends. Travel. In just 12 hours is soooo worth it! 😉

‘Til my next adventure! xoxo 😁


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