Project Pizza. Project Pie.

Project Pie.🍕 It’s heaven for pizza lovers! A place, where you could use your creativity and yet could make your tummy happy.
Project Pie
Located at 515 Shaw Mandaluyong, Project Pie was franchised from US. It was conceptualized by James Markham. Clap for me. I did some research. LOL. Anyway, click here for the website.
You could either build your own or choose a number for the base and your own choice for additional toppings.
The toppings 🍕
No veggie toppings for me! Haha 😋
So while waiting for the pizza, we were amused with these inspiring quotes posted on the walls.
Tadaaaaa!! So here’s our pizza!
Hmm the taste of the pizza would really depend on the choice of your toppings combined with the cheese, oil, spices and sauce. So choose well. Haha.
I would definitely love to visit Project Pie again. I love the concept of making my own pizza. Hmm, I think I saw another Project Pie branch near Mall of Asia. So do drop by and build your own artisan pizza. 🍕


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