Pilipinas, Kaya Natin ‘to!







Heartbreaking. Every single day since the tragedy, my heart would tore into pieces upon watching news, looking at the pictures, or reading those stories from my fellow Filipinos.

Super typhoon Yolanda also known as Haiyan, known to be the strongest typhoon that ever hit a land, leaves the Visayas region, a catastrophic damage. A damage that even if it was healed, it would remain a scar that no one could ever forget. Thousands of lives were lost. There’s no exact figure yet on the casualties but it was feared that almost 10,000 died. 😦

Homeless, no food, no clean water, resulted into looting. Now, that it’s 5th day post-Yolanda, survivors are still in dire need of food, water and medicine. Nothing has changed despite of all the help coming from fellow Filipinos and other countries. Tons of relief goods but where are those now? Okay, I see, it’s still here in Manila. Still in warehouses. Still in the trucks on its way to the affected provinces. There were only few victims reached by those relief goods. So what’s the problem? Transportation? Communication? I hope our President would do everything he could. I should not judge him based on this. I’m not in his position anyway. Well, I would rather pray for him. Hoping that help will reach every victim.

3.8 billion worth of donations from other countries. Waw, that’s a huge amount, hoping that it would go to the right hands. To the hands of the victims and not to the hands of the corrupt officials. Sigh. Anyway, I’m so grateful for those countries who helped. A million thanks!


By the way, for those who still want to donate,Β click here. Rappler has a list of relief operations center.



Despite of this sad turn of events, it’s good to see that Filipinos remained positive. No earthquake nor super typhoon could break us. The Filipino spirit is stronger. Actually, its making us stronger. Every Filipinos making an effort to help. Bayanihan spirit is still alive. Kaya natin to! Pray. Help. Never lose Hope. Believe. Have Faith.1441517_707894979220910_1197135519_n*Photos taken from different websites and fb accounts


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