Cagbalete Island: A Summer to Remember

Last summer, my lucky soles stepped into fine creamy sands, my eyes wandered with delight upon seeing a paradise, my body and mind relaxed as I take into me how serene and quiet Cagbalete Island is.

Located at Mauban, Quezon Province, this island is 5-6-hours away from Manila. I went there last April with three of my friends. I was from night duty when I went straight to travel. Hello no sleep for the sake of traveling! Haha. 

Past 10am when we left Jac liner Cubao station. It’s a bus bound to Lucena. Actually they have a bus ride going directly to Mauban but it’s schedule is 5am and 12nn only. The usual ride would take 3-4 hours. We arrived Lucena at past 2pm. The bus will proceed to Grand Lucena Terminal. From there, we could take another bus going to Mauban but we decided to take a van instead since we’re in a hurry we might not be able to catch the last boat trip going to Cagbalete. So the bus driver dropped us somewhere, where we rode a jeepney going to SM Lucena.


From SM Lucena, we rode a van or v-hire and after 45 minutes, hello Mauban!


The van dropped us at Mauban Market. We are supposed to buy foods there but we have no time left. There were only two boat trips going to Cagbalete, 10am and 4pm. From Cagbalete to Mauban, 7am and 1pm. From Mauban Market we rode a tricycle going to Sabang Port.



Inside the boat with my friends, Josh and Kasey. It’s a 45-minute ride. So take pictures and enjoy the view of the water splashing against the boat!100_9370

Touchdown Cagbalete!! The boat can’t dock near the shore so we transferred to a smaller boat. We already made a reservation for a two-night stay in Villa Cleofas. Lucky us, the caretaker of the resort also boarded the same boat with us. So they instructed, this kiddo, picture below, to guide us towards the resort.

Our little guide

Our little guide

There were lots of kids that would approach you, offering you to guide you to your chosen resort. It’s up to you on how much you would give them.


Walk. walk. walk under the scorching heat of the sun with our heavy bags on. haha. It’s a 30-minute or 2-km trek. Since the resort is located on the other side of the island. Another option, if you hate walking, you could rent a boat to bring you directly in front of the resort.

So, finally, we arrived at Villa Cleofas! Thirsty and with sweat all over my body but despite those, the view of the beach is so rewarding. More like a therapy for me.



Inside our room

Inside our room

We chose a room that has it’s own comfort room. It costs 2,000 per night. Good for 3-4 persons.

Outside our room

Outside our room

I love hammocks!

I love hammocks!

Here are some pictures of the other accommodations in Villa Cleofas:



Dining Area

Dining Area

They don’t sell cooked foods here. You really should bring your own food and you can borrow their utensils but there’s a charge per utensils borrowed. For our first night, since we haven’t bought any raw foods to cook, we just ate bread and sausage for dinner. Oh wait, I forgot, the resort have eggs, instant pansit canton, softdrinks and water for sale.


The picture above, it’s the view in front of our resort and there’s an island out there, named, Bonsai Island. Sadly, despite of our 3-day 2-night stay in the island, we haven’t had the chance to visit Bonsai for some forgotten reasons. 😦

Since we arrived, dusk already approaching, after a little rest, we took some time to enjoy the shore before it totally goes dark.


It’s low tide!!



By the way, in Villa Cleofas, there is no electricity from 6am-6pm. Good thing, there’s one for the remaining 12 hours. So while we sleep, time to recharge our phones!

One thing you should’t miss in Cagbalete is the sunrise!


New day. New adventure.



Our breakfast- pansit canton and scrambled egg!

Our breakfast: pansit canton and scrambled egg!

After breakfast, we picked our friend, Connie, at the port. Another 2-km trek! Exercise is a good thing anyway. Haha.

Happy Kasey and Connie

Happy Kasey and Connie

Since Connie, had all the time in the world to buy foods at Mauban market, we had chicken adobo for lunch!


After lunch, time for Island hopping!

So we went to the other side of the Island and this is one of the reasons why I love Cagbalete, the sand ripples!!! God’s work of art indeed 🙂




Jump-shots!! FAIL! LOL

Jump shots!! FAIL! LOL

Connie's perfect jump shot :)

Connie’s perfect jump shot 🙂


Okay. Dinner time! We had a hard time making a fire. Thanks to neighborhood  for the gas and matchbox. HAHA.


The next day, we were up early to trek and find the river.



..and then we saw this (picture above), we don’t know if that’s what we are looking for. haha. Anyway we just went back to resort, since we should be leaving by lunch time. The last boat trip will leave at 1pm.

While preparing for brunch, we saw this strange looking fish. At first I thought that they were selling it to be eaten but I was wrong. Those fishes were not edible and they were just for display.



Then we saw this yummy squid and we were encouraged to buy one.


But the problem is.. we didn’t know that it would really take long to be cooked!


So we ended up, eating hotdogs and scrambled eggs and a few parts of squid that we think was already cooked.


We tried to catch the last trip but we failed. Blame it to the squid. Haha. We just rented a boat. A bit costly but we have no choice.

Back to Mauban! We visited Kasey’s family’s ancestral house.



Bus going to Lucena – 218

V-hire going to Mauban – 65

Tricycle going to Sabang Port – 8 each

Environmental Fee – 70

Boat going to Cagbalete – 50

Accomodation at Villa Cleofas – 2000/night x 2 nights = 4,000; 1000 each

Other Amenities (use of LPG, Utensils, Water, Softdrinks) = 795

Boat Rental for Island hopping = 700; 175 each

Boat Rental going to Mauban (since we were left by the public boat)= 800; 200 each

V-hire going to SM Lucena= 65

Bus back to Manila = 218

TOTAL = 2269 each for a 3-day 2-night stay (food budget excluded)

Indeed, our Cagbalete getaway is a summer to remember! Lots of adventures and misadventures with good friends made this trip more fun and memorable. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cagbalete Island: A Summer to Remember

  1. yew says:

    Hi great blog 🙂 planning to visit that awesome island this week, enway do you have contact or any number of the owner of the boat you rented. Thanks a lot, God bless!

    • elhizamour says:

      Thanks yew!! Cagbalete is a wonderful island! Must visit! But I suggest you go there on weekdays. Aww sorry I don’t have contact for the boat. I only do have contact for the resort we stayed, villa cleofas. Anyway here’s the number in case you need it – 09178395852 / 09178143475.. Enjoy! God bless you, too. 😊

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