Puerto Galera: Before Summer Ends!

Whoever said that summer is already over, they’re totally wrong! We know it’s already June and it’s starting to rain but of course it didn’t stopped us to have another day with the beach! 🙂

Last weekend me and my four other friends, namely: Orange, Ehlaine, Doreen and her brother Lorenz went to Puerto Galera. Specifically located at Oriental Mindoro. Actually this is our third attempt to go to that beach, its just that the first two attempts failed because of the issues associated with Galera. They said that Galera is so crowded, the beach water is dirty, the boat ride is not safe. There were lots of negative things that we heard but my friend Orange had been there three times and he is the one who encouraged us that those issues were not that true. Hmmm and finally our Puerto Galera getaway pushed through!

I would call Puerto Galera – the Mini Boracay. If you have a tight budget then instead of going to Bora, why not just go enjoy the sands of Galera. It may not as white and as fine like Bora but it’s still a good place to be with the beach. Just like Bora, Galera could offer lots of water sports activities and at night you could party ’til the sun is up.

How did we get there: From Buendia, we rode a Jac liner bus going to Batangas Port. It took 2 hours to reach the port. The bus ride costs Php 129 each. We left at around 6am. Upon reaching the port, we bought a round-trip boat ticket that costs Php580 (environmental / terminal fee included).


We chose Father ‘n Son Lines because it has the nearest departure time. We arrived at the port past 8am and the boat departed at 8:25am.

Ticket Booths

Ticket Booths

Make sure that you boarded the right boat and that you bought the right ticket. There were lots of destinations at the Port. So make sure to know where you are going. Ours was the white beach.

Inside the boat

Inside the boat

They said that the usual boat ride is 1 hour but ours took 1 hour and 30 minutes. The boat stopped over first at Sabang Port before going to the final destination. Sabang beach is also frequent visited by tourists but the most popular is the White Beach.

By the way before we boarded the boat, at the Batangas Port, there were lots of stalls of resorts offering a place to stay. We didn’t made any reservations before our travel day. We just reserved right away at the Port. Speaking of resort, we didn’t like the service of the resort that we chose to stay. We were asking for extra rug and pillow but they didn’t give us any. The lady just said “Maya po busy pa kasi kami. Mamaya na lang po.” Okay, we understand that your resort is full house and there were lots of people checking in and out but that’s not a valid reason. We are still costumers and they should accommodate us. Oh well, we are the one who adjusted to them. Anyway, the room is okay and clean. Air-conditioned and with television. No wifi. It costs Php 2500 per night. Php 500 for each of us.

Upon arriving at the resort, we stayed at our room for a while to relax before going out for lunch so that means photoshoot inside the room!


Here are a few pictures of the beach of Puerto Galera.


Puerto GaleraPuerto Galera


Puerto Galera

There were lots of activities that they could offer like island hopping, water sports activties, going to Tamaraw falls, etc but we just chose to stay along the shore of the white beach.



Hiding from the heat of the sun!

Hiding from the heat of the sun!


Just like any other beach that I’ve been to, the breathtaking view of a sunset is my most awaited part! 🙂



After sunset, the night life of Puerto Galera begins.

Where we ate our dinner

Where we ate our dinner

pizza and pasta for dinner

pizza and pasta for dinner

If there’s pasta, it will always be my fave carbonara served on the table. (Ehlaine’s fave pasta too) 🙂 There’s a band serenading us while we’re having our dinner.

Hmm just an observation, all restaurants that we’ve been to, breakfast, lunch or dinner, the serving time is so long. It would take lots of minutes before they could serve you the food. They would first starve you to death. Haha.

Now that our tummies were already full, we went to the famous Hiyas Bar. In front of the bar there were fire dancers showcasing there amazing talent to us. They were even throwing that fire thing up to the sky and we were kinda scared it might fall to us. LOL. After the fire show, the gay shows starts. I kinda enjoyed it. Some of them were really great performers. Those gays could really make you laugh until your tummy aches. 🙂 After the gay show, the floor is all yours! Party and dance ’til you drop. LOL. By the way, your galera experience wouldn’t be complete if you won’t try the famous Mindoro sling (a concoction of fruit juices and rum).


Our expenses for our overnight stay at Puerto Galera:

  • Bus going to Batangas port – Php 129
  • Roundtrip Boat Fare – Php 580
  • Accommodation – Php 500 for each of us
  • Bus going back to Manila – Php 160

Total: Php 1,369

So plus the food budget, usually Php 100-150 per meal (depends on your appetite). Our trip costs Php 2,000 each. Hmm not bad.. right? You really could travel in a budget. 😉

End of my Puerto Galera post. 🙂 You could also check my friends’ blogs Orange and Ehlaine. I know they will also blog about our Puerto Galera vacay 🙂


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