Pandin Lake: A Relaxing Time with Nature

It will just take 2-3 hours from Manila to be captivated with San Pablo, Laguna’s best kept secret, the Pandin Lake. It is one of the seven lakes of San Pablo but it is the only lake that tourist are allowed to swim. It’s indeed a best kept secret. A mini green paradise that brings you closer to nature.

From the main road, me and my three friends had a 15-minute trek to the lake. Along the way we saw this cute signage.


So don’t expect wifi. They’re just making fun out of it. haha

Despite of walking under the heat of the sun and sweat all over our body, upon reaching the lake, the view itself is so rewarding. So worth it 🙂


Then there’s another cutie creature hanging.. a little monkey!


Okay, now that we reached the lake. Our plan is to have our lunch there. We already bought chicken inasal and pansit canton in addition to the lunch package that the locals offered. The food was already ready the time that we reached the lake. I think one of my friend, who is from San Pablo, who have been there several times, already contacted them so the lunch is already prepared. We had a lake tour in a bamboo raft while having our lunch.

One of the rafters smiling for the camera.

One of the rafters smiling for the camera

By the way, the rafters were mostly females. We are told that they are the wives of the fishermen and it’s the project of their local government so that they could have extra income. Good idea I may say. Not only it is helpful for the locals but also for the tourism of San Pablo.

Our view while having lunch..

Pandin Lake


The relaxing, calm and green scenery is so soothing for the eyes!

Our lunch prepared by them.





Just in time, after finishing our lunch, our raft passed by at the grotto. Below the statue of Mama Mary is a bamboo hose where a natural water from the mountain is coming out used by the locals for drinking.

Grotto at Lake Pandin


Then our raft stopped at a point opposite where we started sailing. They asked us if we want to see the Pandin’s sister lake, the Yambo / Yambu Lake. Of course we said yes anyway it’s just a short upward trek to see the nearby lake. But still be extra careful it’s kinda steep.


After climbing a few inclined steps. Tadaa! Another rewarding picturesque view! 🙂

Yambo Lake

Yambo Lake

It feels like where on top of the mountain. I so love the cold wind! 🙂

After minutes of enjoying the view of Yambo lake, we went back to our raft and enjoyed some more time with the lake.


We didn’t swim. Aside from I don’t have extra clothes, the water is so deep and I don’t know how to swim. haha. Then we decided to leave Pandin and go to our next destination, Liliw, Laguna, the footwear capital of Laguna and shop some footwear there. The shoes there were so cheap and with good quality.

We ended our day by having dinner at a yummy restaurant in Laguna but I forgot the name of the place. (Forgive me.. I don’t have Alzheimer’s but this trip is already a year ago that’s why I forgot) haha. Opps, before I again forgot something all pictures in this post were not from my cam 😉

‘Til my next post! 🙂


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