Missin’ Bora: Why do people love Boracay?

It’s been two years since I went to Boracay and I’ve been so missing the island! Now, since it’s summer, I’m so craving to be back! I even knew few people who goes there every summer.

Hmm but why do people keep on coming back to Boracay?

I listed 10 which for me were the main reasons why Bora is like a magnet that attracts people.

1. Swimming and the fine white sands. It’s the powder-like white sands that makes people come and go. Who wouldn’t love walking barefoot and swim on those white sands.

Boracay Sand

2. Island hopping. It’s the most common activity where you could get to enjoy the breathtaking views of Boracay.




3. Enjoy the sun! If you’re not too conscious of having a dark complexion and wants to get a tan then expose your body with your bikini on the scorching heat of the sun but oh don’t forget to put sunblock you might end up having a burn not just a tan.


4. Sunset. I can never get tired of watching sunsets! I think it’s best to admire the sunset while sailing on a paraw. 🙂


5. Lots of activities. There were lots of activities to choose from in Bora. One of those that we tried and I enjoyed the most is Helmet Diving. I don’t know how to swim (poor me) but because of helmet diving, I could walk 10 or 20 feet below (forgot how deep it was) and mingle with the fishes 🙂Camera

We also tried Zorb. You’ll be inside the ball and the fun starts as the ball rolls down.


Zipline! I always love ziplines. It could make me feel that I could fly. LOL.


Of course, helmet is a must. Safety first! …and then here we go… wiiiii!!!!


Touchdown sand.. 😉


There were other lots of fun activities to do like parasailing, banana boat, fly fish, ATV ride and a lot more. It will be on my to do list next time I visit Bora. When is the next time? Only God knows. haha.


6. Shopping! Lots of store to shop for shopaholics who seems to never runs out of cash. haha (wish I could be like them LOL 😉 )



7. EAT! Never mind your figure just pig-out. Lots of restaurants and snack bars that you shouldn’t missed so I said never mind your figure even though you’ll wear a two-piece bikini. haha. Thank God for cover-ups. LOL 🙂



8. People watch. People watch same as sitting on a beach seat while having your fave drink and just relaxing and enjoying the view. The view of the beach and the people passing by. You could meet new people, friends or maybe meet the love of your life. LOL.


9. Night Life. Aside from the white sands, bora is also known for night beach parties. Maybe one of the reasons why I really want to be back is to experience their night life since we haven’t had the chance while we were there.


10. Grotto. If you have time to party, you should also have time to pray.


I’ve mentioned 10 reasons and I know there’s a lot more. No wonder Filipinos and even tourist keeps on coming back to Bora! So, start planning your next trip! 😉


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