Quick Escape: Anilao, Batangas

22nd of March, the day when I went to an outing with no sleep at all. haha. I was from 2pm-6am duty when I went straight to Batangas with friends just to have a quick escape from our busy lives.

From Manila, we went first to Bauan, Batangas. We rode a bus that took 2 hours to get to the Batangas terminal then a jeepney going to Bauan. We stayed at Bea’s house for a while. Had breakfast there then took a rest. After lunch, we hired a jeepney that would take us to Anilao.

After almost one hour of resort hunting, we chose Aguila Beach Resort.

The cottages on beachfront

The cottages on beach front

Outside our room

Outside our room

We chose a room that is on beach front. The room costs Php 4,525 per night. It’s an air-conditioned room that is good for 5. We just added Php 1,090 for two extra persons, since we’re 7 in our group. It includes one free meal for each of us.

The grilling area beside our room

The grilling area beside our room


Our foods!!

Our foods!!

Free toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap!

Free toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap!

Henna Tattoo :)

Henna Tattoo

Strolling around the resort and taking pics

Strolling around the resort and taking pics

The pool

The pool. Nice view for pictorial, isn’t it?

The Beach

The Beach

Aguila is near Anilao pier that’s why there were lots of ships. What I don’t like on the beach is the water. It’s kinda itchy. I don’t know if there were insects or it’s just the water.




Of course, we shouldn’t miss the sunset!




After swimming on the beach, it’s time to invade the pool 🙂


The pool is until 8pm only. After swimming, we availed our free meal for dinner. We had a candlelit dinner for Aguila resort participated in Earth Hour.

The next day, we bid goodbye to Anilao early in the morning.

Group pic before leaving

Group pic before leaving

Almost all pictures in this post were not from my cam. (I just grab those pics on my friends’ fb accounts) I was not even prepared for this outing. Neither cam nor swimwear nor slippers, I don’t have any. Haha. My friends just lend me clothes. Poor me. haha. Anyway, thanks to them, the sponsors of all my outfits! LOL! 😀 Despite of being so ‘bangag’ i still enjoyed this trip 🙂


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