Where to Eat in Cebu: Larsian!

Running out of budget? Well, Larsian is the place for you!

I was with my cousin and his girlfriend that time when I went to Larsian for dinner. Our tummies were already begging for food after having a day of touring me around Cebu City.

Larsian is located at Fuente Osmeña, near Chong Hua Hospital. My cousin said that they used to eat in this place way back in college. One of their favorite eating spot.

Upon entering the place, I could already smell something yummy, the smell of a grilled food! I immediately knew that Larsian is a big barbeque center. There were lots of stalls that offers a wide variety of grilled foods. From meat, poultry to seafoods, any food that could be grilled, you name it, they have it! The grilled foods were served with ‘puso’ or what they called as hanging rice.

puso or hanging rice

puso or hanging rice

Puso + Barbeque + Kalamansi, Soy Sauce and Vinegar as sauce + eating with bare hands = Perfect Combo!

Speaking of bare hands, well, not really bare, they will give you a clean plastic that you would wear like a gloves for hygiene purposes. Anyway, there’s a washing area, where costumers could wash their hands.

I enjoyed eating here especially when the bill came out. We only spend not more than Php 150 for the three of us. Happy Tummy and Happy Wallet! LOL 🙂



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