Caramoan Islands: Day 2 :)

Second day of island hopping!! We woke up early so that we could seize the day but Typhoon Bising greeted us. Oh, it’s signal no. 1 but we don’t care. haha. Our adventure would still push through despite of the weather. We’re all positive that it will not rain hard anyway and thank God, He answered our prayer! 🙂 The rain stopped although it’s still dark, it didn’t rain hard the whole day just tolerable rain showers.

Rex Tourist Inn Caramoan Garden

Rex Tourist Inn Caramoan Garden after the heavy rain

Time to take pictures at Rex before leaving for island hopping.


Because of the bad weather, we didn’t have the chance to take a lot of pictures at Rex. Too bad! :/ We left Rex at around 9am for island hopping.

The waves are coming!!!

The waves are coming!!!

The waves were not as big as the first day. Our tour guide said it’s because of the location. On the second day, the islands that we visited were farther. It will took 1 hour ride from one island to another. Good thing the waves were calmer. 🙂

Two brave kids. Despite of the weather, there they are boating.

Two brave kids. Despite of the weather, there they are boating.

Some of the amazing rock formations to see while on the boat:



First Island: Manlawi Sandbar


Approaching Manlawi!! Why sandbar? oh well, look at the above picture and the answer is obvious. 😉






Photoshoot is a must in this island! haha. It’s not peak season, so we got to enjoy the whole island on our own. 😀 Perfect time to do FHM poses with our swimsuit haha.. but of course, I will not post it here. 😉




We just can’t leave this beautiful island so we had our lunch there while a dog is watching us eat. =P There’s a floating cottage that we could rent but it costs php 200. Kinda expensive so we prefer to eat on the sands for free. LOL



With a vast stretch of white sands and crystal clear water, I just fell in love with Manlawi! Such a stunning island! 🙂

Second Island: Cotivas

Few minutes away from Manlawi is Cotivas Island. Unlike manlawi, the sands were not that white and not as vast but it has its own captivating beauty.


Tourists could also had their lunch at this island but there’s a php 50 fee for the cottage rental.




Now we’re bound to the next island and we’re just totally clueless where we were heading. We passed by mangroves and I’m so puzzled if we’re going to an island with lots of mangroves LOL but I think it’s just a shortcut to the other island. From cotivas going to the next island, it took us 1 hour.


Third Island: Sabitang-Laya


Thank God the sun showed up! I could now appreciate the sparkling crystal clear water when being shined by the sun.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Sabitang-Laya, when viewed from the top is triangle in shape with twin beaches. Both beach has a long stretch of powdery sands. At the apex of the triangle, you could see stunning views of different limestone rock formations. A real feast for our eyes. 🙂






The sands were so fine like a powder. Perfect for swimming! 🙂

Fourth destination: Brgy. Tabgon


Welcome to Brgy. Tabgon! This is were the guardian of the whole Caramoan is located, The Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of Peace Grotto. The Shrine is located at the top of Mount Caglago and you have to climb a 527-step stairs all the way going to the top. Imagine how tiring it was!



Look how far we've climbed. I could see the Tabgon port now as little as my thumb.

Look how far we’ve climbed. Halfway, I could see our boat and the Tabgon port now as little as my thumb.

The Chapel

The Chapel

Yay! We reached the top. Whew! So tiring but the view is all worth it.



At the peak of the mountain, is the grotto of Mama Mary with open arms She seems like welcoming all the tourists and guiding all the locals of Caramoan. We said a little prayer before leaving. 🙂

We went back to Rex just before dusk. Instead of going to Bikal Port we went straight to Rex. Rex Tourist Inn Caramoan Garden branch is located near the river and it has its own port. It’s previously used by Survivor.




Our dinner!! Oh wait, before I end this post. I just want to share somethng about Rex Tourist Inn. I love the place, I would still choose Rex if I’ll be going back to Caramoan. Even though we feel so cast away, (no signal for globe and sun users) good thing there’s free wifi! 🙂

Our day ends with having a good cup of coffee just before bedtime. 🙂


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