Where to Eat in Naga: Chef Doy’s

Since food is a basic need, I would like to share about my unforgettable dining experience at a restaurant in Naga City.

Upon arriving, we checked in at Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) and had lunch at their clubhouse. For dinner, we roamed around the city. We went to SM Naga and looked for a restaurant where we could eat something native, but we did not find any. Then my friend Orange suddenly remembered that his workmate, who is from Naga, recommended Chef Doy’s. It is just a 10-minute tricyle ride from SM Naga. It is along Magsaysay Avenue. Tricyle ride costs only 30php.


The staff was nice and accommodating. They would always smile, which for me is the most important. Smile is contagious. Food will always be more delicious when you are happy. 😉

The place was just small, but it was clean with a relaxing ambiance. They had a freedom wall. It was full of handwritten words of praises from people who already visited their place.

photo credit: doreen

photo credit: doreen

What we ate:

Kare-kareng Litson na Kawali

Kare-kareng Litson na Kawali

Loved the krispy lechon kawali.

Bicol Express

Bicol Express

I do not really like spicy food, but this one is the best bicol express ever.

Kinunot na Pating

Kinunot na Pating

The “pating” word caught my eye, so I really wanted to taste it. The verdict: two thumbs up! It was a bit spicy and tasted like tuna.

Our order cost us 280 php each. We were four in our group. Not bad. The price was all worth it. Happy tummy it is!

I would definitely recommend Chef Doy’s to all those planning to go to Naga and I will surely be back to this place. Next time, I would try their chili ice cream. Unfortunately, it was not available the time we were there.



🙂 😉 😀


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