Temple of Leah: Temple of Love

Okay, this post has been in my draft for 7 months. Haha! I was thinking of discarding this but how can I share the beauty of this place if I will just delete this. Hmmm.. and besides this is my online diary and I want to document every travel I made as much as possible. So much for the explanation. By the way, I visited this temple October of 2015 and I haven’t visited the place again. So, just enjoy the pictures folks! πŸ˜‰

They say love can move mountains. Well, nothing is really impossible with love and you’ll be amazed on what love can do. Just like this temple in Cebu that was built out of love, the Temple of Leah.


This temple is not only known for being a tribute of love but it is also one of the famous attraction in Cebu because of its Roman Architecture.


Feels like I entered a time machine and was transported way back the Roman era.


Jellyve and Ate Miami



Hey there, goddess!




Another reason to visit this place is its perfect location. Situated on the top of the mountain and you get to have a spectacular view of Cebu.


The temple is guarded by two statue of lions on its side.


The Lion King watches over his kingdom. lol πŸ™‚


Hey, Simba, can you fly?! Lol. πŸ˜›





Enough with the outside, let me take you to the interiors of the temple..




The nine-foot bronze statue of Leah Albino Adarna

This glass ceiling looks like Louvre Pyramid when viewed at the top


So you might wonder, who is this man who built this spectacular temple for his wife? He is Teodorico Adarna, a businessman that owns the Queensland chain of motel, and the grandfather of the actress, Ellen Adarna, build the temple for his late wife, Leah Albino Adarna. So cheesy, right? LOL.



The Adarna Family






As of October 2015, the temple is not yet fully done. There were some areas that is still under construction. I would love to be back once it was all finished!

How to get there:

This temple is located at the mountain of Brgy. Busay, Cebu, near the Mountainview Resort and Lantaw Native Restaurant. By commute, you can take a ride going to JY Mall and from there, ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) that would take you up to the mountain of Busay.

Again, those fees were as of October 2015.

’til my next post! πŸ™‚


Elhizamour πŸ™‚

Take Vacations! You can always make money but you can’t always make memories

I’m in love with traveling but I’m not rich. I’m just an ordinary employee in a private hospital. My salary is always as good for 15 days. Many of you might wonder how was I able to travel with my salary. The answer is, it’s because of my love for travel, for visiting new places, for new adventures and for exploring God’s beautiful creations. 

Whenever there is a planned getaway coming up. Some of my workmates would say, “You’re single with no kids. Why is it like you’re the head of a family with 10 kids?” Haha. I would just say, “I need to save money because I’m going somewhere far. Far from this hospital.” LOL.


That has always been my motto. Maybe the reason why I’m always broke. LOL. Hmm but at least I am enjoying my life. Cheers for more travels!! 😊

P.S. The photo above is not mine πŸ˜‰


Elhizamour travels 😘

Thank you, Nurse

It’s been 9 months since my last blog. Oh well, I’ve been too busy! But I was kinda inspired again to blog. Promising myself to blog more often now even though I’m not really into writing. You know, I’m not good at words but hey blogging makes me happy and venting out my feelings here is kinda relaxing. 

So, what made me busy? Duties, duties, hospital duties. Being a nurse is really a tiring job. Not just tiring but risky. I’m assigned at Intensive Care Unit. Imagine all the harmful bacterias and microorganisms there. So you know what I mean for having a risky job.

8 to 16 hours of tiring duty. Even 24 hours sometimes but not well compensated and now it’s exactly 5 years, 9 months and 11 days that I’m doing it. How was I able to handle it? Oh, Thank God. Nursing is not my dream job and I even have plans of retiring as a nurse when the right time comes. But thank God I was able to handle every single day of my duty. Plus a simple thank you of the patients could somehow enlighten my mood. So our dear patients, please be kind and thankful to your nurse. 😁😜

I just want to share my recent tear-jerking experience with a patient. She was a 67 year old female, intubated. She is connected to a mechanical ventilator to help her breathe. But despite of her being not able to speak because of her tube, she managed to write a message for me. 


Keep this as my own way of saying ‘Thanks A Lot’!


Aww. So sweet of her, isn’t she? Seriously, I nearly cried. I was really touched.


Don’t throw this letter. I care for people who know how to care.


It makes me happy that with all the efforts to help her heal and give her comfort, at least she was thankful for everything that I have done for her. Praying that wherever she is now, I hope that she’s okay. 


Nurse A 😘

Pangasinan Day 2: Hundred Islands and Manaoag Church

5am when we woke up to prepare. Time to say, “Goodbye, Bolinao! Hello, Alaminos!” The same driver, that toured us, fetch us to drive us to Bolinao town, where we rode a van going to Alaminos.

So where exactly in Alaminos are we going? Of course, we’re heading to the 123 islands situated in the crystal blue water of Lingayen gulf, the famous, Hundred Islands!

Map of Hundred Islands (Photo credit: hundredislands.ph)

Map of Hundred Islands (Photo credit: hundredislands.ph)

We first had breakfast upon reaching Alaminos. My friends were craving for fried chicken so we ate at everyone’s favorite fast food, Jollibee. Haha. After eating, someone approached us offering Hundred Islands tour. Hmm so they already sensed that we were heading there? Maybe because of our big bags and the blonde-haired Orange that looks foreign to the town. Haha. I was doubtful for the offer. I think its safer if we would go directly by our own at the Lucap Wharf but we still tried our luck and indeed we were lucky enough!

Lucap Wharf

Lucap Wharf

The Lucap Wharf serves as the drop off point to any islands.

By the way, here’s the motorboat rental rates, as of May 2014:

Small Boat (Good for 5 persons)
– Php 800 Day Tour
– Php 1,400 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Medium Boat (Good for 10 persons)
– Php 1,000 Day Tour
– Php 1,800 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Large Boat (Good for 15 persons)
– Php 1,100 Day Tour
– Php 2,000 Day Tour Service Boat / Overnight

Day tour only covers the three developed islands, namely: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island while the Day tour service boat will charter you to different islands and the boatmen will serve as the tour guide. Since we’re only three, we’re torn between 800 vs. 1400. Hmm, we don’t want to be limited to one developed island, so we chose Php 1400. Is it worth it despite of the limited time? (we’re planning to go to Manaoag by afternoon) Hmm yes!!!

Thank God, we have a friendly boatman. He really serves us our tour guide and photographer, too. LOL. Despite of the time constraint, we managed to visit lots of islands. Thanks to our boatman!

The first island we visited captured my heart. The Century island, where the Century Cave is.

Ohh the bats! Can you see them?

Ohh the bats! Can you see them?

There’s a stinky smell as we approached the cave,Β I assume that’s the smell of the bat manure, but I don’t care. The precious sight of the cave with the bats flying around is priceless.

According to our boatman, the cave is seldom visited. There were only few boatmen who brings guests to Century Island.

I wanna go inside!

I wanna go inside!

ams 601

Of all the islands, Century Cave is my favorite!!

So where to go next?

So where to go next?

So, I really enjoyed our first stop. I’m getting more excited where to go next.

Next stop, Governor’s Island.


It’s a developed island, so expect it’s kinda crowded. The famous Pinoy Big Brother House is also situated in this island and it’s open for accommodation. I think it’s Php 10,000 for a 12-hour stay, I’m not sure of the price, though.

whoa another cave! a small cave..

whoa another cave!

You can trek all the way up to the Governor’s viewing deck, where you can get to see the beauty of the islands.

The islands! such a pleasant sight!

Of course, group picture is a must!

ams 658

I just can’t thank God enough for creating Philippines with such beautiful islands!

Okay, enough with Governor’s Island, we still want to explore more!

I think that's Romulo Island. Correct me if I'm wrong!

I think that’s Romulo Island. Correct me if I’m wrong!

We passed by other islands but we chose not to stop, just like, Romulo Island, Lopez Island and Children’s Island. By the way, it’s called Children’s Islands because of its shallow water perfect for kids. While the other islands, don’t have a shore line, just like the cute, Turtle Island!

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

No need to explain. I think it’s quite obvious why is it called Turtle Island. haha.

Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island

This cathedral-shaped cave has its own hauntingly beauty like an ancient rock cathedral.

Quezon Island

Quezon Island

Quezon Island, another developed island, so another crowded one. If you’re planning for an overnight stay, they have cottages with room here. They also have picnic tables. It’s almost lunch when we got there, the picnic tables were full.

ams 680


We didn’t stay long in Quezon Island. We’re like, next island please.

Wow, the next island, is really a, “WOW”. It’s called Paniki Island or Bat Island.

bats! bats! bats!

bats! bats! bats!

See the bats? They’re just like fruits hanging on the trees.

Hmm maybe you can’t see them. Here’s a closer look.

ams 694

I think Batman lives there so where is Robin? HAHA.

ams 704

ams 700

The next island has a Resto Bar and Grille. From the drop off point, you have to walk in the tunnel-like cave to get to the Resto.

Don't go to the end of the light, my dear! LOL.

Don’t go to the end of the light, my dear! LOL.

Our last stop, Marcos Island, where the Imelda cave is. One of the things you can do there is to dive into the waters! If only I could swim!


So we just stayed in the shallow area. HAHA. I love the fine white sands in Marcos Island. The clear water lets me see the tiny fishes swimming with us!

Ehlaine and me dipping in the clear water!

Ehlaine and me dipping in the clear water!

After Marcos Island, it’s time to say Goodbye to these beautiful islands. We had a very limited time because we’re planning to go to Manaoag but we did enjoyed that 3-hour island exploration! I would definitely want to be back there and explore every island possible and of course, the caves! Feeling like a spelunker. LOL.

ams 631

Remember, we didn’t have any accommodations there, we brought all our bags with us and left it in the boat while we were exploring islands. So after island hopping, good thing, Lucap Wharf has a bath house. You just have to pay Php 10.

We had lunch somewhere near the terminal. We rode a van going to Dagupan, then another van going to Manaoag. By afternoon, we reached the famous and Miraculous, Our Lady of Manaoag.

Manaoag Church

Manaoag Church

If you read my previous post about Boliano, we started our trip with a prayer by dropping by at the Bolinao Church. Now, we are ending our trip by saying a prayer at Manaoag. No wonder, we had a wonderful, hassle-free trip. We encountered no problems at all. The people we met were just so nice and friendly.

ams 733

Floating Candles!

Floating Candles!

After Manaoag, we rode a bus going to Cubao. It’s a 5-hour ride. We arrived Cubao at around 10:30pm and we still have energy. We even managed to go to Ortigas to have a super late dinner at Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake. They have yummy Korean breads there.

We’ve done and visited lots for our two-day trip but I don’t feel that tired maybe because the feeling of happiness is so overwhelming! Haha. Traveling to places I’ve never been and exploring the nature – that is LIFE!

Wait, before I end this post, I noticed that some caves have names engraved to the stones. Oh please, don’t destroy the beauty of those caves! 😦 And don’t throw your trash everywhere. Be a responsible citizen! πŸ˜‰

You can read my previous post about Bolinao – Pangasinan Day 1 and our Pangasinan Budget and Itinerary. You can also check out my friend’s blog, Orange.

‘Til my next adventure!

Pangasinan Day 1: Bolinao :)

It was a rainy night of May when we left Pasay for Bolinao. Thank God the rain didn’t last long for we were looking forward for a sunny Pangasinan adventure! 12am when we left the bus station. The ride lasted for 6 hours. I really didn’t mind long bus rides. I am even loving it! I was taking a nap at times but what I love most is looking at the bus window, enjoying the different views that my eyes could wander.

Past 6am when we arrived the town of Bolinao. We first went directly to St. James the Great Parish Church. It was just walking distance from where the bus dropped us off.

ams 305

Made of black coral stones, the church was built in 1609. Don’t you love visiting old churches? For me, it was definitely a perfect way to start an adventure! Pray!

ams 308

The Church's Interior

The Church’s Interior

So after the long bus ride, we need to feed our empty tummies. We had breakfast at Adora’s Restaurant. It was located right beside the church.

ams 311

My breakfast! Tapsilog :)

My breakfast! Tapsilog πŸ™‚

Ehlaine and I had tapsilog for breakfast while Orange had Mami.

ams 313

I saw Adora’s Restaurant in lots of blog posts about Bolinao. But there’s nothing much to brag about this restaurant. Maybe it is the most visited since it’s open 24 hours.

Weeks before, we already made a reservation at SCL Garden Paradise Resort and they asked a tricycle driver, Kuya Jojo, to fetch us. Even if you don’t have reserved accommodations yet, no worries, there were lots of resorts in Bolinao and there were also lots of tricycle drivers who would offer to tour you around. But if you want a hassle-free stay, book early!

ams 366

Hello SCL Garden Paradise Resort!

ams 367

ams 328

ams 594

ams 581

The name Garden Paradise is just a perfect name for the resort. Quite obvious it really looks like a garden but I don’t know what SCL stands for. haha.

Mama Mary :)

Mama Mary πŸ™‚

We reserved a bamboo cabana room good for 3 persons but unfortunately the room would be available after lunch. Since we arrived early and we can’t wait for after lunch, they offered another room. Another room that was supposed to be more costly but they offer it with the same rate of Php 2,500 per night.

Our room!

Our room!

It’s not yet Valentine’s day but our room is all red! LOL. The room is just right for us. It is air-conditioned with one queen-sized bed. It has television, cabinet, dressing table with a mirror, bathroom with a bathtub and a coffee table outside the room. By the way, I would like to commend the staffs for being nice and approachable. Even the dogs were friendly, they even gave us welcoming barks but after that they were too silent and snob. Haha.

ams 330

Outside our room, overlooking the beach!

SCL's Beachfront

SCL’s Beachfront

Whooa, there’s a floating nipa hut on the water!

ams 774

Thanks to Ehlaine’s monopod! We could take a group picture. πŸ˜‰

ams 337

ams 343

While we were enjoying our stay at the floating nipa hut, a group of kids approached us, offering us Sineguelas! Oh, how I miss this yummy fruit!

Sineguelas or Spanish Plum in English - hmm yummy!!!

Sineguelas or Spanish Plum in English – hmm yummy!!!

Orange's first time to eat Sineguelas!

Orange’s first time to eat Sineguelas!

By the way, those kids were friendly and we enjoyed sharing stories with them! Just before lunch, we went back to the resort to feed our tummies again.

ams 327

SCL’s dining area. If you feel like singing, they also have a karaoke!

SCL's Menu

SCL’s Menu

ams 364

We had buttered chicken and sweet and sour fish fillet for lunch. The food is kinda expensive and not that remarkable so I suggest you should try to eat outside if you will stay at SCL. So now, after recharging ourselves, we are now ready to explore Bolinao!

First stop: Enchanted Cave

ams 371

The entrance fee is Php 100 but if you want to swim in the cave it will cost you Php 150.

ams 373

So it was said that Bolinao is under the water million years ago as evident by the coral rocks and fossil clams. Hmm. Wow. Another piece of information to feed our mind.

Inside the Enchanted Cave

Inside the Enchanted Cave

The water is kinda cold. We didn’t swim to save Php 50! HAHAHA

Another wonderful spot!

Another wonderful spot!

Second Stop: Rock View Beach Resort

Rock View Beach Resort

Rock View Beach Resort

ams 430

I just fall in love with the place! So far, this is my favorite in Bolinao. The rocks just rocked my world. LOL.

ams 766

Never mind the heat of the sun, just take pictures!

ams 431

It’s kinda hard walking on the rocks up to the edge, but being there is a one great feeling. The wonderful view and the wind kissing my face, that is life!

Orange and Ehlaine.

Orange and Ehlaine

Rock View Beach Resort is not all rocks. There’s a little area with white sands.

Third Stop: Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Going inside the lighthouse is not allowed but there’s a viewing deck where you can take a look of Bolinao from a high point.

Wonderful view of Bolinao facing the South China Sea!

Wonderful view of Bolinao facing the South China Sea!

Some kind of old abandoned stuff beside the Lighthouse

Some kind of old abandoned stuff beside the Lighthouse

Final Stop for the day: Patar Beach

As we arrived Patar Beach, souvenir stores welcomed us and I bought a shirt for myself! πŸ˜€

They offer free name printing on the shirt.

They offer free name printing on the shirt.

What’s good about Patar Beach is it’s long stretch of golden fine sands. It’s a public beach, so there’s no entrance fee.

ams 505

It was freaking too hot!! We need a shelter, so we rented a small open cottage at Kuya Benjie’s. If you are planning to stay overnight at Patar, there were lots of accommodations, most of them were nipa huts. πŸ™‚

ams 506

Picture! Picture! With the creamy white sands! While Ehlaine is taking a nap. Sshhh.. Haha.

ams 531

ams 532

Just before sunset, we decided to have early dinner at Kuya Benjie’s.

ams 502

We had Binagoongan and Inihaw na Pusit. We ate at the open cottage but we didn’t enjoy eating there because of the flies who loves joining us while we were eating. haha.

ams 541

Finally, my much awaited sunset!

ams 555

I love how the sun reflects on the sands and water as it sets. Truly, a joy to watch!

ams 565

Sunsets and sunrise are always the best part of the day. As the darkness invades the sky, we went back to SCL Garden Paradise Resort to rest and be ready for the next day’s adventure.

By the way, before I end this post, I would like to share to you guys about my beach ootd. I’m a no fashion blogger and I’m not a brand conscious person. As of my outfit in Bolinao, I just love how comfy it is. Swimsuit under with side cut shirt and shorts for cover up. Plus my favorite cap that protects my face from the sun. I love my not-so-girly look on the beach! πŸ™‚

If you want to know about our expenses and itinerary, please do check:

Pangasinan: Bolinao – Alaminos – Manaoag Budget and Itinerary

Next blog post: Pangasinan Day 2: Hundred Islands and Manaoag Church


ams 781

Pangasinan: Bolinao – Alaminos – Manaoag Budget and Itinerary

So you’re planning of Pangasinan getaway? Well, I hope this blog post could help you out!


Pangasinan is located on the western area of the island of Luzon along the Lingayen Gulf and South China Sea. It’s a perfect escape for those who want to have a quick break from their stressful lives. In our 2-day stay, we decided to experience Bolinao for the first day and then Alaminos and Manaoag on the next day. Wondering how nice and stunning those places are? Here take a look.

SCL Garden Resort's Beachfront

SCL Garden Resort’s Beachfront

Patar Beach

Patar Beach

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

Manaoag Church

Manaoag Church

…and here’s our detailed expenses and itinerary. By the way, for you to not be confused in the computation of expenses, for your information, we were just three explorers in this adventure.

Time Activity Expenses per Person Remarks
Day 1
12:00mn Departure Time at Five Star Pasay. We rode a bus going to Bolinao. Php 469
6:30am Arrived at Bolinao Bus ride is supposed to be 6 hours but we encountered traffic at EDSA
6:35am Drop by and pray at St. James the Great Parish
7:00am Breakfast at Adora’s Restaurant Php 85 Open 24 hours
7:40am Left Adora’s SCL Garden Resort asked a tricycle driver to fetch and tour us around Bolinao
8:10am Arrived at SCL Garden Resort Php 833 Overnight Accommodation is Php 2500/night
11:00am Lunch at SCL Garden Resort Php 277
12:00noon Left SCL and started our Bolinao Tour Php 233 Tricycle tour costs Php 300 for 3 hours. Our tour costs us Php 400. We had the same driver who fetched us from Bolinao Town to SCL, it costs us Php 150. Another Php 150 for roundtrip for a total of Php 700 for the three of us.
Enchanted Cave Php 100 Entrance fee = Php 100. Entrance fee + Swimming = Php 150
Rock View Resort Php 50 Entrance fee
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
3:00pm Arrived at Patar Beach Β Php 50 Beach Bum until sunset. The beach is all yours. No entrance fee but we rented a cottage that costs us Php 150.
6:00pm Dinner at Kuya Benjie’s Cottage Php 95
7:00pm-7:20pm Travel time from Patar Beach to SCL Garden Resort
Β Day 2
5:00am Wake up time!
6:00am Left SCL Garden Resort
6:30am Arrived at Bolinao Town Proper. We rode a Van going to Alaminos Php 50
7:30am Arrived at Alaminos then Breakfast Php 72
8:30am Arrived at Lucap Wharf Php 20 – Php 40 Php 60 Tricycle Ride – Environmental Fee
9:00am Island Hopping! Php 467 Php 1400 Service Boat Rental
12:00nn End of our Island Hopping Php 10 Took a Bath at Lucap Wharf’s Bath house
Tricycle Ride from Lucap to Terminal Php 20
Lunch Php 89
1:30pm Rode a Van going to Dagupan Php 65
3:30pm Arrived at Dagupan then rode another van going to Manaoag Php 30
4:00pm Arrived at Manaoag Church
5:30pm Left Manaoag. Rode a Dagupan Lines bus going to Cubao. Php 350
10:30pm Arrived at Cubao
Php 2,787 Without food expenses

I know it’s still kinda pricey for a 2-day stay. You could still lower down your expenses depending on your choice of accommodation and of course, food choices as well! Another thing, if you are with a bigger group for sure you would spend less. Hope this is a big help! Start planning your Pangasinan adventure now!

For more pictures and infos, please do read my blog posts about Pangasinan. Here’s the link:

Pangasinan Day 1: Bolinao

Pangasinan Day 2: Hundred Islands and Manaoag Church

Orange’s blog

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa: not your ordinary resort :)

There’s no wonder one would always love Cebu. It’s because of its wonderful people and breathtaking beaches that makes people keep on coming back. Lucky me, its my province so I could visit more often.
One of the famous beach in Cebu is the Mactan beach. Located just in the heart of Cebu, so no need of traveling for hours just to relax with the sands and water. Its hard to decide where resort to stay but we chose the famous, Plantation Bay. I think it is named Plantation Bay for it has a man-made beach inside the resort so literally there’s a bay planted there. Opss, its just my theory don’t believe me right away. Haha. Anyway, I love how relaxing the place is. I wish I could just live there. Imagine going home on a resort everyday, that would take my everyday stress!!
I know you wanna go and see Plantation, let me take you there through our pictures!

Stunning! Doesn't look like a man-made beach, right?

Stunning! Doesn’t look like a man-made beach, right?

..and this is the real beach - Mactan Beach!!

..and this is the real beach – Mactan Beach!!

It was January this year when we visited the place. We went there on a weekday after Sinulog, so thank God they’re not fully booked! We were able to made a reservation on the same day. But if you want to book early you can check their facebook page or the website.

Upon arriving, they gave us our keycard and welcome drink coupons. Yes, they offer free welcome drinks!

Our keycard and welcome drink coupons!

Our keycard and welcome drink coupons!

We chose the Poolside room, since it’s the most affordable. πŸ˜‰ From the lobby, we rode a shuttle to our room. By the way, they have free shuttles roaming around the resort if you’re too lazy to walk. πŸ˜‰

The pool outside our room

The pool outside our room

Inclusions to our room rate:

  • Roundtrip scheduled airport transfers
  • Welcome drink and towel upon arrival
  • Room Amenities: 1 Liter of mineral water replenished daily, basket of Philippine delicacies, coffee and tea-making facilities, broadband internet access
  • Wifi in selected public areas
  • Butler Service
  • Use of Fitness Center and Gameroom facilities
  • Use of Wall Climbing facility
  • Daily use of bicycle for one hour
  • Unlimited use of saltwater lagoons and freshwater pools
  • Roundtrip scheduled shuttle service to Cebu city malls (SM or Ayala)

The Game room was full of Koreans even the Fitness center. I even felt I was in Korea. LOL!

Our room!

Our room!

Free Coffee, Tea and Snacks!

Free Coffee, Tea and Snacks!

2 queen-sized beds

2 queen-sized beds

So comfy!! I could sleep all day! LOL!

So comfy!! I could sleep all day!

The room was cozy and spacious. The bed was so comfy and it’s like a magnet attracting me to lie down. The wifi connection is strong. We could upload pictures right away!

The Bathroom

The Elegant Bathroom

Shower room

Shower room

Bath Tub


Okay, enough with the room, lemme take you to the Pools and Lagoons!!!

After resting for a while, we explored the 11.4-hectare resort.

Is that a Volcano erupting water? haha.

Is that a Volcano erupting water? haha.

My friends, Doreen and Ehlaine :)

My friends, Doreen and Ehlaine πŸ™‚

With Jellyve, my cousin's fiancee. Kent, my cousin and Juliet his girlfriend.

ipad 849

ipad 841

ipad 869

Lots of picturesque view means lots of pictures! πŸ™‚

Oh my white sands!!

Oh my white sands!!

Let's take a dip on the saltwater lagoon! But if you don't feel like swimming, try kayaking!

Let’s take a dip on the saltwater lagoon! But if you don’t feel like swimming, try kayaking or board paddling!

That walkway is a must spot to take a picture on.

That walkway is a must spot to take a picture on.

I love this shot!!

Saw lots of Koreans. So I might as well do a peace sign shot!



ipad 885

ipad 901

Don’t you just love relaxing on a hammock or on a beach chair? That’s a stress-free life!

ipad 888

Prenup? Nah. haha.

My cousin, Kent and his gf, Juliet. Oh wait. Is that a prenup pic? Nah. haha.

This is the real prenup ;)

This is the real prenup πŸ˜‰

I want to go to the end of that path but they’re having their prenup. Can’t blame them. Plantation is so exquisite, perfect for pictorials!

I dream of coming to a home with a veranda like this.

I dream of coming to a home with a veranda view like this.

Mactan Beach!!

Mactan Beach!!

They don’t have a broad shoreline. The beach was not really something to brag about. But at least they have large freshwater and saltwater lagoons that could really captivate your heart!



I always wanted to ride a Jetski.. Hmm maybe next time!! I should learn how to swim first. Haha.

One hour free bicycle ride!

One hour free bicycle ride!

Pool at night

Night swimming in front of our room

What I love most in Plantation is that from our room, we can already enjoy the expansive view of the water. Just a few steps away from our door, there’s already the pool! My personal favorite is the Water’s Edge Room, from the veranda you could even hit the water within seconds! Just jump from the veranda! πŸ™‚

My cousin John and his fiancee, Jellyve..

My cousin John and his fiancee, Jellyve..

They’re going to marry this year and I told them that they should have their prenuptial pictorial here! haha πŸ™‚

The water is so damn cold!!!

The water is so damn cold!!!

They have lots of restaurants but it’s a bit pricey. Since we’re on a budget, we brought our own food. Sshhh.. Haha. Anyway, I would love to be back here. Maybe next time I’ll try the water’s edge room and try all the restaurants there. heehee πŸ˜€
Plantation Bay is not your ordinary resort but it is indeed a paradise. Perfect escape from our busy lives.

Did our pictures entice you? Well, it’s more appealing if you’ll see it in person, with your two naked eyes, I swear! πŸ˜‰